The Sculptor’s Knife: Chapter 2

A/N: We've been productive lately! I'm sure I'll heavily edit this once I'm not literally struggling to keep my eyes open. But for now, this is what I've got. The quilt was emerging from the wood nicely. The patterns I had planned weren’t perfect. Drawing wasn’t my strong suit. But with the three-dimensional aspect of … Continue reading The Sculptor’s Knife: Chapter 2

Writing Update: Curled Up On Some Concrete

Does anyone care where I'm writing? No. I'm just procrastinating working on my Chapter 2 because I'm so exhausted today. At least I'm self-aware. So today is tech day 2. Sadly, I'm no longer needed up in the catwalks. Apparently I'm doing spotlights because the girl who was going to do it was a no-show. … Continue reading Writing Update: Curled Up On Some Concrete