Writing Update: Reviewing my Reviews

I’ve recently been making more time to write the story I’ve been working on in between blog posts, and weirdly enough, it’s been making me self-conscious about writing book reviews.

I’m pretty happy with how far I’ve come with my writing, but I’m aware I’m not the best. I’m 17 so I’ve got time to grow, but looking at my own writing makes me feel really self-conscious about writing reviews. I mean, I’m just a highschooler who writes to have fun and improve, who am I to review published books written by adults? I’ve been trying to look at it this way though: I like reading, I like writing, and I like analyzing books. Why not put some thoughts out there? Just because I’m not at someone’s level doesn’t mean I can’t have opinions about their writing. But being critical still makes me anxious, so my upcoming reviews will probably be some of my favorite books that I’m hoping to reread or at least revisit (namely: the All for the Game series, The Raven Cycle series, and maybe The Golden Compass). I think I’ll get more comfortable with reviewing and critiquing after I’ve done largely positive ones. And I may have to wait on reviewing The Goldfinch, that book is such a monster I’ll probably have to start it but write shorter blogs in between writing that because I’m guessing it’ll take me a VERY long time. Donna Tartt, you are a harsh mistress. I’ll also probably talk about the movie along with it… counting down the days until I can see my boy Boris on the silver screen!

That’s about all I’ve got for now, sometime down the road I’ll probably write more about the story I’m working on. But I’ll keep this one short, sweet, and on-topic, because my writing can get all over the place FAST. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!

One thought on “Writing Update: Reviewing my Reviews

  1. I think it’s especially helpful to hear reviews from the demographic that the novel was written for. It’s one thing for grown adults to review YA, but what really matters is how the intended audience feels about it. If someone is reviewing reviews, they’re just too reviewy! Cut yourself some slack. : )

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