Reading Update: Working at a Bookstore is a Blessing and a Curse

Y’all… working at a bookstore is such a curse on my bank account. I feel like literally all my paychecks go towards books. You know that feeling when you go in for one book and see a bunch and go like “Oooo that looks intriguing.” It’s like that for 8 hours straight (or 4.5 on weekends), plus the recommendations of my coworkers, then I have my whole shift to keep walking by it and stewing. That in addition to my employee discount feels like I’m constantly buying opiates or something (Looking at you, Theodore Decker. Love you bb) (Jk don’t do drugs I’m just obsessed with The Goldfinch but y’all already knew that).

Like, yesterday I was just trying to get through my shift after a customer and my coworker ganged up on me. Then I ended up walking out with 2 books, one of which is the second book in a trilogy. I have neither read nor even own the first one, I’m just dumb and can’t read. The other one was recommended to me by another coworker with the same name as the one who got mad at me, but this one I would trust with my life. So I can trust her enough to buy a book she recommended. But now I have a pile of six books I don’t have time to read because I have to be at work. ‘Tis a cruel cycle, and I am but a book-obsessed… something. I can’t think of an Olde English thing that would be funny there. I try to be eloquent with my reviews but with my updates you get what you get. Speaking of reviews: We’ll see when I get to one of those. I worked 8-hour shifts Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after a school week (including a holiday), so I’m trying to just chill and get some reading done. Wish me luck gamers, I’ll be back in a bit.

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