Reading Update: Last-Ditch Book Club Advert and me Overcomplicating Buying a Book

Local followers!! Read I’m Not Dying With You Tonight!! And come to Barnes and Noble this Thursday at 7!! I’m in charge of the YA Book Club that, so far, I’ve been the only one to come to!!! Or if that’s not your thing, spread the word to people who may be interested! Honestly at this point even reading the Wikipedia summary or something would be enough. I just really want people to come haha. I’ve been trying to spread the word to kids my age when I’m working, but honestly I was really surprised when I started working at Barnes and Noble that there are like no teenagers in there. Like, ever. I thought there would at least be some, but the YA section is just a desolate wasteland. It kinda bums me out, I love bookstores and libraries sooo much. Get on that, y’all.

At least there are a few coworkers there who are my age. Not many, though. One girl in my grade who works in the cafe was talking to me today while I was shelving books and stopped at a series and went “oh! I love this series!” Turns out it was a series I’ve wanted to read for a really long time, but I thought it was only available online a-la-All For the Game. But nope, it was just in the romance section which I don’t think I’ve ever shopped in. But I think my time has come.

However, a major hurdle: getting checked out by one of my coworkers. Most of my coworkers are older, and they’re very kindly grandparent types with the odd judgy lady mixed in for color. I don’t think I can bear the judgy ones giving me a LookTM about me buying a romance novel or one of the sweet grandparents ones seeing me, a comparative baby, buying this book. So, I’m planning on waiting on one of the few cool younger ones to be at checkout and hope they don’t read the summary on the back. At least the cover isn’t one of those steamy ones that probably shouldn’t be on a public shelf. Also I’m gonna pay with cash so I don’t leave a paper trail. That’s right, I’m making this romance book into a drug deal. This is what happens when I’m zoning out at work when I’m not doing anything. I make dumb, over-complicated plans like this. But hey, once I make a dent in the giant pile of books I’m working on right now I’ve got a plan to get baby’s first romance novel.

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