Reading Update: Book Club Bust

So, as I posted about before, I ran the YA Book Club at Barnes and Noble last night. Well, I should have. The only issue: no one showed up. So much good my advertising did. It’s kind of a gross feeling to be put in charge of something and have no one come to it. The book was just okay, but I would rather be talking to people about it than dejectedly putting away magazines all night. There was actually another group that came in when mine was supposed to start and I got all excited. Turns out they were there for their own book club at the same time. My coworkers got all excited too, they were like “and you said no one would come!” Then I had to awkwardly be like “ummm no they’re their own group” and it was all weird and my coworkers all felt bad for me. Why don’t people my age read very much? I actually go to another book club, but so far I’ve been the only person outside of the people who started its’ initial friend group to come. I feel like there are so many cool social events out there and so many awesome books that I want to be able to share with people and meet people through, but it’s always just me with the person in charge hanging out alone. I’m still bummed about the book club to be honest, I was looking forward to that like all week. Oh well, the next book is Serpent and Dove and my coworker LOVES that book. So even if no one comes to the next book club, as long as I don’t get booted for failing to bring people in then I’ll get a free book out of it.

2 thoughts on “Reading Update: Book Club Bust

  1. Aww, that stinks. I did a local author book event once and spent all this money to decorate my display table. I even had balloons! I was there for almost 5 hours and didn’t make a sale. (Luckily the football game streamed on my laptop.)
    Books are such a tough business. Even adult book clubs struggle to do anything other than drink wine. : (


    • Oh well, what can ya do… one girl at another location posted that no one came to hers either so she brought her dog. She had the cutest picture of him with a book… now if only my dog didn’t go crazy around strangers even though he’s an old man

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