Writing Update: I Cracked.

I did it. I broke. I wrote fanfiction. Sue me.

After seeing IT Chapter 2 and sobbing for the entire last 10 minutes, I had to fix it. No spoilers, but I had some personal issues with the ending as a writer. Also as someone looking for some actual representation in a movie series that I love. Nope, guess I’ll just go fuck myself. And by fuck myself, I mean write the sappiest, lovey-doviest fanfiction known to man. I wrote a tiny chapter for fun, barely edited it, then thought “eh, what the hell” and put it up on my old AO3 account from 2015 (That’s a fanfiction site for those of you who were decent, normal people in middle school). In a matter of hours I got about 5 comments, 20 likes, 4 saves, and over a hundred hits. Meanwhile, my original work that is heavily edited, with 3 chapters that are all 3k+ words has maybe 3 reads, and 0 likes or comments after several months. To be fair it is on Wattpad (Yeah, yeah Wattpad is “cringey” but whatever, it’s fun), which is pretty much dead at this point. But still it’s weirdly disheartening to have a silly little fanfic get so much attention while the piece I have spent hours on goes ignored. I’ve always written for myself rather than attention, so I’m not too bothered by it. I mainly just put my stuff online for kicks, I mean why not? I think I’m just mostly surprised; this was the opposite of what I expected. Then again, of course the sad IT fans will come running to fanfiction to feel better. That’s what I did by writing it, so at least I can make some sad nerds happy. (No I’m not being rude, because I too am a sad nerd)

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