Writing Update: From Dungeons and Dragons to Essays and E-Mails

It feels like I’m using my writing for a million and one things right now. Of course I’ve been working on my original stuff, but I really only do that during my school’s creative writing club. It’s nice to have a quiet room where I have a set time to hunker down and get stuff done. It only meets once a week for about 45 minutes, so progress has been slow. But just because I don’t work on my own stuff doesn’t mean that I’m just not writing.

For my creative writing class, we’re working on short stories for a semester project. I’m pretty happy with my idea right now, I just hope it works in the short-story format. I’m extremely extra as a writer, I hope I can limit myself to a shorter piece and still be able to tell an effective story.

I also DM for two DnD groups who, blessedly, are doing the same campaign. So I do my prepwork and testrun on the school club of underclassmen, then that way I get a feel for it and tweak it to flow better when I play with my group of actual people my age. It’s pretty fun. DMing lets me put together my love of writing, acting, and thinking on my feet plus just having fun in a group.

But the primary thing I’ve been writing for is college applications. I’m super excited about it to be honest, and I really like all the schools I’m looking at right now. Thank goodness it’s only three at the moment, because researching/making notes/working on admission and scholarship essays on top of various e-mails is taking up enough time already. I may add one or two onto my list when we finish up visits, but right now I’ve got two selective schools and one less-selective backup, and I love them all. So, I feel like I’m doing pretty well. I’m also ready to get this process over with though. It’ll be nice to have my writing time back to put towards more creative things.

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