Reading Update: Double Book Release!

September 24, 2019 has been a monumental day in our history. Not only did Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell come out on this blessed day, but so did The Infinite Noise by Lauren Shippen. Wayward Son is the sequel to Carry On, a book that I have loved for years. I am SO excited to get started on it. (Funny sidenote: when my coworker was checking out my books, he held up that one and said “these guys look like they’re gay vampire lovers” (in reference to the cover). I had to try to keep my composure in front of a customer because he was EXACTLY RIGHT.) But the one I’ve started on first is The Infinite Noise.

Lauren Shippen is the writer of a podcast called “The Bright Sessions,” which I honored by playing during New Year’s Eve so that a specific sound happened at midnight to start my 2019. No spoilers, but it was awesome. Everyone needs to listen to that show. I’ll probably post more about it later. Anyway: The Infinite Noise is the first of three books Lauren Shippen has announced telling the stories of the characters that she couldn’t get to in the podcast. I’m most excited for the second book (shoutout to my boy Damien), but the first one is about how a high school romance between two characters started. So long story short, it’s a sappy YA romance. Usually not my thing, but my love for these characters knows no bounds. It’s actually pretty good so far!

Tl;dr: Two books that I’ve been waiting on for at least a year both came out on the same day. Yesterday was really terrible to be honest, but reading Infinite Noise late into the night made me feel better. Was it worth the cost of being exhausted today? Perhaps. Our employee discount increases next month and I almost held off on buying them, but I decided I’d waited long enough. I’m so glad I gave in, Infinite Noise is really cheering me up. I’m guessing Wayward Son will be the same, especially since I already know the characters of each book and love them already. Getting into them feels so familiar and happy. So, if you need me, I will be holed up in my room reading with a stupid smile on my face.

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