“Book” (Movie) Review: The Goldfinch 2, Electric Boogaloo

Alternate title: I just saw The Goldfinch and I cried so much.

That movie was GORGEOUS. The symbolism in a lot of the shots actually brought me to some realizations about some stuff that I didn’t get in the book! The color design, the shots, the acting (especially the Borises. Am I biased because they’re both exactly my type? For SURE.) were all AMAZING! Also the music! I’m listening to the soundtrack right now and tearing up because it captured the emotions of certain scenes so well.

I know someone who didn’t like it because of changes, but I thought they all were fine. I tend to over-analyze movies though so I was thinking about it cinematographically (is that a word?) but she was mainly focused on the book. Anything other than what was done would have resulted in waaay too much narration in my opinion.

Mild spoilers ahead!!

The scene most obviously added to me (unless I completely blanked) was the one where Boris comforts Theo after his nightmare. Which, by the way, made me bawl like a baby. (Like I said in my last post: I’m a lonely bastard.) I thought that was beautifully done, just tender enough to clue the audience in to the romance that the book narration built up to. Some other stuff too, like minor character changes, had to be done to make the movie understandable without just a straight narration of the book.

I hope The Goldfinch gets put into the running for some awards. The actors as well as everyone behind-the-scenes did a great job. I want to see it again like right now, but I should probably wait because I may become severely dehydrated from crying too much. It wasn’t even that sad, just seeing the emotional moments on screen, especially ones that bring up some pretty upsetting memories/emotions for me, was really exhausting. Especially since you can’t mentally censor or take a break like you can with a book. But all in all, great movie, and I didn’t think I could love Boris any more but now, thanks to those AMAZING ACTORS, I have been proven wrong.

Will I post about the Goldfinch again soon? Probably. I’m obsessed all over again. Wish me luck in the coming days with trying to function like a normal human and not just go catatonic thinking about this fucking book (and now movie).

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