Writing Update: Songwriting

I was lucky enough to go to a Cavetown concert 2 nights ago! I cried SO MUCH (full on sobbing a couple of times) and Robbie was SO SWEET!! Seeing him in real life and just knowing how much he cares about his fans really cemented him as my favorite musical artist. He inspired me a lot, always has, and after the concert I got out my songwriting journal and started working on a new song! I scrapped most of it the next morning since I had written it at 2 in the morning and it literally made no sense, but it feels good to get back into writing music. I ended up salvaging a lot of the early morning chicken scratch into something I’m pretty happy with considering where I’m at right now. I wrote it on an extremely bumpy 2+ hour bus ride on the way to and back from a field trip so the penmanship isn’t much better, but hey, it’s legible. I’m gonna work on the music side of it with my guitar for the next few days, so I’ll probably be editing a bit to get the syllables sounding right. But I’ll upload the lyrics when I feel like they’re where I want them to be! I’m gonna start putting my music online, because the songs I’ve written in the past I always end up throwing away or losing on paper, but I can use the permanence of the internet to my advantage. No matter how embarrassed I get it’ll still be up to see my progress. Also, I love attention, so I wouldn’t mind getting a couple of hits or maybe even making people happy with the stuff I make. Wish me luck!

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