Reading Update: Dostoevsky You’re Killing Me

So I’m reading The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky. It’s really good (we stan Stalin-era Russian fiction baybeeeee (not because of the Stalin though, that environment just made writers do cool, sneaky things… but I digress)), but it’s so exhausting. It’s not a book to read when you’re burned out and trying to chill, I’ll say that. So, naturally, I decided to put a 1k-page book on my reading list to split my time on… Steven King’s It. I’m a really big fan of the new movies, so I’d be willing to spend a while with those BoysTM. I also need to watch the 1990 miniseries… which is over 3 hours long. Hey Mr. King, why are you ruining my life? I may pick up Misery when I get It too, but I’ll have to check my bank account first. But yeah. I’m reading like 5 books right now, so it’ll be a hot second until I actually go buy it. I may be narrowing it down soon though. A few of those books are rereads, so I could drop those if I wanted. Also I may have to DNF Black Leopard, Red Wolf if it doesn’t get less gross. At one point I literally had to put it down because it made me feel like I was legitimately going to vomit.

I need to find a chill book to read that’s less than 700 pages eventually. If not I’ll only have read 3 books in like… a year. Dang.

2 thoughts on “Reading Update: Dostoevsky You’re Killing Me

  1. you…are my hero. 5 books?! MY GOD. and whew. it is one of my favorite king books but it is LONGGG and heavy. misery is a really good one though!! it’s dark as hell though.
    enjoy all your reading!!


    • Haha, I’m no hero! I just have absolutely zero impulse control. Two of them are The Secret History and The Foxhole Court, both of which I’ve already read multiple times. I may have to drop those… I can’t wait to get into King though! Thanks!


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