Writing Update: Deciding on Themes

So the book I’m working on is kind of like a coming of age story. As a short working summary: as this sculptor starts making a friend group for the first time (however odd it may be), he goes from this spacey artist type to being more aware of his surroundings and trying to control them. He gets kinda obsessive and shit gets whack. Anyway, I’m trying to decide what to cover in terms of what parts of my main character actually “come of age.” I’m definitely covering sexuality (not with sex scenes or anything, I’m baby), but I have some other stuff on the table that I’m debating about.

First one that I bring up because of Halloween: religion. Oof, I know… My religion is just really important to me, and I’m wondering if I can have it tie to sexuality in some way. But yeah, it’s not the most relaxed subject on the planet. Religion is whack for me because I’m like… a Christian witch? Yeah it’s kinda weird, but hey it works for me. But yeah, I don’t know if I could write about one part of my religion and not the other, but also I don’t know if I could tie both sides of my religion into my story that takes place over the course of just a few years. Maybe I can. I’m just gonna start writing and see where it goes. That’s how I’m feeling about most of the stuff I’m thinking about. I have a decent plan, but I’ve always just kinda picked up what I’m writing, run with it, see where it takes me, and then go back and add/subtract stuff from before to make some Sick ThemesTM. Wish me luck haha. Published Chapter 1 online and still have 0 reads. People are probably too busy reading K-Pop fanfiction or whatever. That’s fair.

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