Reading Update: Defining People Through Children’s Books

I got really stressed last night, and to cope with it I picked up my favorite book series in elementary school that I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of. I just needed an easy read with simple characters and a happy ending (and the cute animals don’t hurt). My dream job is a forest ranger (this is related, I promise). I never really got why, since that’s such a random job that I don’t really have experience with. But where does that book series take place? A forest reserve. Not a perfect match, but honestly I believe there’s something there.

As a game, sometimes I imagine what books the people I knew read as kids. Some people were definitely Dork Diaries girls, other kids you can tell were into the Warrior Cats series (looking at you, furries). I read most of the mainstream kids books, so I don’t know which ones primarily shaped me. The series I talked about at the beginning, Avalon: Web of Magic, wasn’t exactly popular, and I don’t really have a more well-known equivalent to compare it to. But I really think a case can be made that the books we read as kids shape our personalities and how we view ourselves. I feel like there’s a cool research paper idea in there somewhere. I’m just gonna tuck that away for college.

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