Writing Update: Changing Narrative Voice

One of the things I’m most excited about in the book I’m working on is my use of narrative voice. So it’s kind of a coming of age story, so I wanted to be able to show how the way this character thinks is changing. First off, I went back and edited to make it first-person, but that’s boring. The real funky stuff comes with the way I’m writing it.

So I’m starting out pretty close to a stream-of-consciousness narrative. Not 100% because it’s not my favorite and I don’t want to put my poor readers through that. But it’s definitely pretty close. So I think I mentioned in another post that my protag starts out really space and disconnected and slowly gets more connected to and aware of what’s around him. And ngl, I’m pretty proud of what I’m doing. So after the beginning, which is stream of consciousness with virtually no quotations, I’m gonna start bleeding in more and more of a “traditional narrative.” Then, when my boy goes absolutely off the rails, the writing is gonna start rambling and kind of going full-circle back to the beginning, but instead of simple, short syntax it’s gonna start getting more and more rambling and convoluted. Then I’ll probably bring it back to normal for the ~grand finale.~ Not completely revolutionary, but I’m pretty proud of the idea.

Sorry if this post is kinda boring. Gotta get that post quota for class. I may hammer out the first chapter a little more and post it here. Try to get a few more reads than I got on Wattpad. AKA more than two which may have both come from me anyway. I think that’s manageable. Alright, later.

One thought on “Writing Update: Changing Narrative Voice

  1. “Sorry if this post is boring” —(hold my beer…clicks “Write”) : )

    I’ll show YOU boring!

    I think this sounds really interesting. To play with point of view like that puts a lot of trust in the reader and they respect that normally.


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