Writing Update: Curled Up On Some Concrete

Does anyone care where I’m writing? No. I’m just procrastinating working on my Chapter 2 because I’m so exhausted today. At least I’m self-aware.

So today is tech day 2. Sadly, I’m no longer needed up in the catwalks. Apparently I’m doing spotlights because the girl who was going to do it was a no-show. So I’ve gotta sit with my new friend the broken spotlight. It has to be held up with a music stand so it doesn’t tip back towards the ceiling. I love him.

It’s not too bad over here. It’s a little less dark than yesterday because the stage lights are bouncing back towards me. The spotlight is on a raised little concrete platform that you can get to with a three-runged ladder. It’s got metal fences on three sides and the side going towards the stage is open. I’m sitting on the ground leaning on the side of the soundbooth right now with a giant piece of machinery whirring above my head. It’s kinda cozy. Let’s hope my claustrophobia doesn’t flare up.

I’m really excited to see how the musical looks. I’ve seen a lot less of it in rehearsals than I thought I would, so I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. I hope I don’t accidentally fall asleep during a blackout though. I wouldn’t put that past me.

I may actually post Chapter 2 today if I can get it done. I got some really sweet feedback from my friends about the first chapter, and that really gave me a boost of confidence.

That’s about all I have to say for now. About 1 hour of rehearsal down, and 6 to go! Wish me luck, and talk to you guys later!

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